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How Does Yoga Influence Our Body?


How does yoga influence our body?

We all know that yoga is good for decreasing stress levels and for increasing flexibility, but yoga can actually offer even more. Inner peace can be achieved only through meditation and this practice helps. Anyway, yoga is not only about getting rid of stress and finding peace. You can benefit from many more aspects and you can improve your life quality.

First of all yoga can boost your immunity. Studies prove the fact that practicing yoga influences our body in a benefic way. While sitting on the mat and doing different poses, there are taking place several changes at the cellular level. Immunity is boosted and there can be observed a massive improvement in the health of the yogis. As it is said, when you learn to breathe and to move better, you determine all your organs to work better. Furthermore, the recommended position for improving your immunity is the one known as sun salutation. By doing this you will increase the blood flow in your organism and will invigorate your muscles.

Furthermore, if you suffer from chronic headaches, yoga can help you diminish them. In this case it takes time, but the results are awesome. In no more than three months you will feel less pain. The Bridge pose is the one that helps with this sort of pain. You are supposed to stay still on your back and keep your knees bent. Keep your hands firmly on the floor and lift your hips up. This pose is tricky due to the fact that you have to maintain your shoulders in line with your neck.

If you are looking to improve your sexual performance, then yoga is the key for you. There are several studies that show the fact that yoga can influence in a positive way your sex life. Sexual desire, arousal or confidence can get to another level! This happens because during yoga, the blood is encouraged to flow towards the lower parts of our body. The perfect pose for this is the bound angle, which concentrates on working the pelvic muscles.

Insomnia can be treated through different yoga poses. It is important to stick to a certain routine. The goal in this case is to learn how to relax. In the majority of cases that involve insomnia, the cause is the fact that the patient does not know how to relax. So, yoga helps you relax and clear your mind of all the negative thoughts that prevent you from sleeping. The best pose you can try is savasana that concentrates on your breathing pattern. This is usually used at the end of any yoga class because it helps your body relax and return to its initial state.

For those that have a food addiction, yoga can help diminish that craving. Being aware of your breathing pattern makes you establish a mind and body connection. This will determine you to take different decisions when it comes to food. Meditation can help with food cravings. You have to place yourself in a comfy position and start analyzing your breath; from that point concentrate on your upper lip and nose. Keep an eye on what is happening in your body. The goal here is to manage to stay still for a couple of minutes. This will make you aware of what goes in and out of your body. In other words, you will be more careful with what food you choose.

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