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What should I wear for autumn / winter 2020?


What should I wear for autumn / winter 2020?

Overall, we can all agree that the colder months of the year tend to have some of the best fashion trends around. From chic, cosily oversized sweaters with a belt to complete, to beautifully rich, warm colours and multi-layered goodness – there’s a fashion trend for everybody during these cold, quarantined months!
Since summer was all about staying inside and staying safe, why not pull out your best parts of your closet and mix them together, with a stylish facemask for good measure, and create the perfect wintry look?
Our mission here is to bring you the best current trends we can get our hands on, and help you decide whether that sweater really does go with those boots.
Below, you’ll find our top favourite trends for this chill-y time of 2020!

1. Off-the-shoulder layering

Whether you’ve been staring at your unworn summer clothes with dismay, or are simply a fan of off-the-shoulder beauties, your lowered-top faves can still be in season! By adding a simple, or perhaps even patterned top beneath your chic off-shoulder, you can definitely get awfully creative by mixing and matching everything you couldn’t in summer (due to the heat, as well as the rather sad times). Be it a coat over a sweater, a summer top over a turtle-neck, damn near everything goes with this trend! Be it gothic, or a pastel cutie, this style has potential for all style ranges!

2. Brown N’ Black

The old stereotype of brown and black being one of the most boring colours someone could have in their wardrobe, both tones are here and back on track to disproving all the trash-talk they’ve been receiving over the decades. Be it a patterned pair of black trousers, or a semi-fluffy flowing brown coat, both tones work perfectly well with a number of styles and clothing!

3. Capes

Ever admired the flowing capes of the little people on-screen? Ever wanted to feel like the royal-blood or superhero you dream of being? While capes won’t give you any superpowers or royal inheritance, they’ll definitely give you the next best thing: a drop-dead-gorgeous sense of style! Capes, coming in all sizes, shapes, and colours, can all be used for a multitude of styles! Be it a vampiric look, ready for Hallow’s Eve, or even a Red Riding Hood-esque autumn look, capes got you covered (and not just metaphorically, either)!

4. Layers o’ Lilac

That’s right, y’all – the warmer tones aren’t the only ones that brightly shine during the colder months! Lilac, being the elegant hue that it is, gives anyone who’s wise enough to wear it an eye-catching yet modest aura. Couple it with layers, and you might as well name a new God/Goddess after yourself! While tight lilac clothes are undeniably attractive, looser fits also have their place in the ranks of styles! Couple a flowy lilac dress with an under-shirt and a belt at the mid-riff, and you’ve already got yourself a look worthy of the Royals!

5. Puffed-up sleeves

Who ever said voluminous sleeves were a thing belonging to the distant past? Puffy sleeves are back in style this fine autumn, as well as winter! Steal the look of the medieval royals, and add your own flair with equally-stunning necklaces, bracelets, and layered bottoms – live the medieval dream in the modern days, won’t you? Stepping out of the confines of the bedroom mirror and into the spacious streets, you’ll be the most stunning person around, the main eye-catchers being your fine-looking face, perfectly styled hair, and – evidently – your beautifully puffed-up sleeves!

In conclusion, the colder seasons are a hell of a lot more versatile than the classically beloved warmer times. In this fashionable wildland of chilly goodness, anything goes – from the classic layering techniques of the past and present to the warmth and chic look of warm, and warmer tones! Not even the Victorians could sit out of these trends, if the sleeves are anything to go by.