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Black Friday 2020 UK


The pandemic has been responsible for messing up a lot of stuff – from the perfect holiday to your everyday life. However, one thing the new normal hasn’t been able to get rid of would be Black Friday! Stores, be they big or be they small, are still reducing their prices on their websites in the name of good prices and an excellent – yet obviously digital – shopping experience for anyone who’s on a traditional yearly lookout for lowered prices and giving Black Fridays.

One such store would be Fragrance Direct, which has lowered its higher prices to a steal-rather-than-a-deal, especially when you get to the bigger brands that they’ve got in stock. Look on their website and you should find a nice, fragrant Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette for under £50, among many other wonderfully floral or exceptionally strong fragrances – all reduced to the price where damn near anyone can afford them!

Another such store, whose deals are about as blindingly glorious as the previous would be Savile Row, which specializes in stunningly sharp outfits and criminally comfortable clothing.
That’s right, both fancy AND comfy! What else could you want from a quality article of clothing?
And the best part? Their deals, along with their clearance section, are incredible. You could get a full Prince of Wales tailored grey suit for only £149 – which is a major downprice when compared to the original total of £249. Think of them as the main suit specialists out there, but actually affordable. Even better – with Black Friday just around the corner they’ll be guaranteed to sell their high-quality darlings for shockingly low prices, so do be sure to pop on over to them and take a look – just in case you happen to need a suit straight of out of a modern movie.

But enough about clothing, accessories do deserve their own spotlight as much as fancy suits or enticing fragrances do! On the MyBag UK website, you can find awesomely designed and incredibly resilient bags tailored for every taste, style, age, and colour of dress. Their range of bag styles, and accessory styles for that matter, is truly incredible, and it would be a shame to miss all the Black Friday opportunities that will surely present themselves on their website! Considering their products’ quality and origins, any of the prices they assign to them is damn worth it!

And, last but certainly not least, The Somerset Toiletry is, probably, the best bodycare shop on the internet and is very much comparable to well-known giants such as Lush. With prices as small as they are, and with quality as high as it is, this particular shop is practically made to catch the attention of any serious high quality toiletry-lover! With travel kits going for as low as £8.50, and with their products all – as their motto says – “exquisitely made, honestly priced”, you are absolutely guaranteed to find plenty of deals on plenty of beauties in this shop – especially during Black Friday!

In short, there are plenty of shops that are still partaking in Black Friday – pandemic and all considered. Above are just some of the tippy-top examples of the best qualities that can be found and absolutely fabulous prices during the 20s officially digital Black Friday!

Have a look and treat yourself to something nice, will you?