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The most amazing bath oils


Nowadays, there are various bath oils that come in different shapes and with several scents. The most popular ones are those that focus on detoxifying the body and relieving stress and pain. Moreover, it is said that a bath in essential oils can help you in dealing with anxiety and even depression. So, let`s see which are the best bath oils you should definitely try.

• A multifunctional essential oil is the one obtained from peppermint. It can be ingested or you can pour it in your bath tub. It was used as an alternative medicine from ancient times due to its power to encourage the body to flush out toxins.

• One of the most popular essential oils for bath is juniper. Juniper oil is rich in antioxidants and it is great for creating inner balance. It has the power to relax both your body and mind, being a good aid in dealing with chronic stress. Moreover, it relieves pain and relaxes tensed muscles.

• Rosemary is one of the aromatherapy bath oils that stimulates the brain and influences it to produce happy hormones. Furthermore, it comes with anti-inflammatory properties that can help with chronic stress and muscle tension.

• Mandarin oil is perfect for improving the blood flow in your body. Moreover, it is said to have a benefic impact on the nervous system by encouraging it to relax. A bath in this type of oil will make you feel renewed and ready for a new demanding day.

• Other essential bath oil is patchouli. It has a powerful fragrance and it visibly improves mood. It stands out due to the fact that it increases the sex drive.

• Hyssop oil is not so popular, but it is frequently used in aromatherapy. It is known for its curative effects that mainly focus on the digestive system. Also, it is great for using in combination with other bath oils due to the fact that its detoxifying features are increased.

• Sweet marjoram has a strong sedative effect and it is recommended for those that have trouble sleeping. Moreover, it is a great aid in dealing with muscle tension or chronic pains.

• Chamomile essential oil has so many benefits that is used for almost anything. Take a bath in this oil before you go to bed and you will sleep like a baby. It deals with muscle spasms, back pains, headaches and even PMS. Moreover, it is great for reducing the anxiety levels because it has a calming effect on the mind.

• If you prefer natural bath oils you can make one at home. You will need honey, milk and baby oil. These ingredients will nourish your skin and will make you feel good about yourself. Honey is known for its power to restore skin structure. This is the main reason why this recipe is perfect for cold seasons and for those that have very dry skin.

• A less familiar ingredient used in bath oils is called yarrow. Yarrow oil is often used as an analgesic due to its anti-inflammatory effect. It is recommended for those that suffer from joint pains or muscle tension. Furthermore, it improves mobility and helps the body to heal himself.

So, there are various bath oils that can be used for their curative effects. Mainly, they help in relaxation and encourage the body to heal from within. Essential oils are easy to mix, which makes them perfect even for the choosiest people. Keep in mind that is always best to opt for organic bath oils due to the fact that those do not come with preservatives or other chemicals.

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