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Amazing Emma Watson Movies You Did Not Know About


We all know that Emma Watson was a lead actor in the Harry Potter movies and we rarely think of her otherwise. But the truth is she has a vast repertoire and became one of the most respectable actresses worldwide. 2017 is proof for her amazing talent due to the role of Belle she played in the famous `Beauty and the Beast` movie, along with the main role she played in `The Circle`. Even though she is gifted and her efforts to make a name for herself were more than impressive, some of her cinematic efforts flew just under the radar. Hence, there are a couple of amazing Emma Watson movies that are less known and that you should definitely see them!

In 2013, Emma Watson played an interesting role in the movie called `The Bling Ring`. This movie grossed just 19.1 million dollars, which was an achievement if we consider its 8 million dollars budget. The downside was the fact that it was released the same week in which `Man of Steel` and `This is the end` appeared in cinemas. Anyway, it is no doubt that `The Bling Ring` managed to underline Emma Watson`s talents as a comedy actress and brought a new light on her, a different one from that of Harry Potter actress.
Noah` was a huge success in the box office and grossed no more than 362.6 million dollars! But we bet you did not recall the fact that Emma Watson had a role in it, too. This happened due to the presence of more established actors such as Russell Crowe, Ray Winstone, Jennifer Connelly, Logan Lerman and Anthony Hopkins. It was a tremendous movie that had an impressive cast, which included our beautiful Emma Watson.

Have you seen `The Perks of Being a wallflower`? This movie scored on Rotten Tomatoes a 86% score, while in the box office grossed around 33 million dollars. Emma Watson played a major role in this movie along with Ezra Miller and Logan Lerman. She underlined her abilities of playing a melodramatic role, which allows us to admit that she is a woman of many talents.

Did you know that a couple of months after `The Deathly Hallows` movie was released, Emma Watson appeared in another impressive movie? If not, here is the deal: Emma portrayed Michelle Williams in the movie called `My week with Marilyn` and was nominated for Best Actress Oscar due to this role. Her unique charm and English humour can easily be observed in this movie.

And to end this story in a funnier way, Emma was the voice of Princess Pea in the movie `The Tale of Despereaux`. Her soft voice and childish humour made the character look more alive than ever. Hence, we can definitely affirm the fact that Emma Watson is an actress of many talents, being able to impersonate various types of characters staring from fantasy to more serious roles. We are eager to see in which movies she will appear in the future!

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