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Top 5 Airlines In UK To Work For


Top 5 Airlines In UK To Work For

One of the best places in the world to start looking for your next aviation job is, of course, the United Kingdom. UK is renowned for its airline companies along with the multitude of jobs available in the field such as pilot jobs, aviation careers, aviation maintenance or management and engineering jobs. The value those UK airline companies place on their staff is what makes them one of the best places to work and evolve in your career. Here is a list with the top 5 airlines in UK that are worth working for.

Let`s start with the internationally known British Airways. It is believed that this is one of the most powerful companies to work for in this field due to their strategy that focuses on getting the best from their people. In order to achieve this purpose, they conduct and manage a series of training and workshops so their staff gets to specialize in the particular field they were hired. Another plus for British Airways is that they always look for potential candidates, no matter if they graduated aviation recently or they actually are experts in aviation management. It is definitely worth working in an innovative company like British Airways!

Another company worth mentioning is Virgin Atlantic. Their philosophy also revolves around their people, employees being their biggest assets. Virgin Atlantic stands out because of the benefits they offer to their staff. As an example, a full time employee can benefit from no more than seven concessionary standby flights per year! Besides this, working for Virgin Atlantic can get you a personal pension plan, income protection, childcare vouchers, gym or even a bike for getting to work. We can definitely say that this sounds like a dream job to have!

The Orange Spirit of the aviation industry, easyJet is a fancy company to work for. There is full of enthusiasm and optimism, being a pleasure to work in such environment. Besides all the regular aviation jobs available everywhere, they feature a special position called apprentice. Also, they offer a comprehensive reward package along with staff benefits such as reduced price flights at easyJet or holidays.

A rather new company, Jet2.com along with Jet2holidays.com hire in aviation jobs in UK that range from ground operations to cabin crew and pilots jobs. This is a company that is always looking to grow and evolve, this being the main reason why they have both commercial and cargo flights. Hence, if you are looking for a different challenge for you career, this might be the right place to express yourself and your abilities.

Another people-focused organization is Monarch Airlines. It is an UK based aviation choice that allows their staff to benefit from flexible programs and attractive salary packages. It is a rather big company, so it means you will get your chance to climb on your career path up to the top. New talents are immediately spotted and provided with extensive training that allow the new employee to improve his skills and represent properly the company`s values.

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