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Midsummer Beauty Favorites

Midsummer Beauty Favorites

We adore summer! We enjoy summer shopping for clothes and accessories! But what we love the most are the newly released midsummer beauty favourites! Here are the most wanted beauty products for summer 2018 that you definitely must try! Whether is a new Laura Mercier foundation, Stellar Beauty Lip Powders or Diptyque exquisite body wash, we have compiled a list will all the items you must add on your wish list!

• The summer of 2018 is all about highlighters! We recommend you try the Rituel de Fille Rare Light Luminizer in Lunaris due to its interesting effect. It is one kind of a highlighter that imitates the moon glow and highlights with style your cheekbone features. Also, you can use it on your inner-eye corners to boost your appearance.

• During the past years shower foams became a must have item. For this year, Diptyque Eau Rose Shower Foam will enchant your senses with its unique aroma. It may look like a gel, but when applied on the skin it transforms in a maze of foam that will both hydrate and relax your skin.

• Clinique comes into our attention with the Pep-Start Pout Perfecting Balm. In summer we all seek some quick make-up products and this lip balm is the one. It hydrates and colours your lips in an interesting shade, while it lasts longer than any other balm.

• We always wonder ourselves what the best foundation available on the market is. For 2018, the BareMinerals Made-2-fit Fresh Faced Foundation is one of a kind liquid foundation that you definitely must place on your shopping list. And because this brand is all about keeping the pace with the technology, they released an app that help you mix and match your natural colour for the perfect coverage. Admit it! They nailed it!

• If you are looking for something with a more exquisite flair, you should try the Japanese inspired product Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask. This mask is great for summer months due to the fact that is encourages cells to rejuvenate and brightens the skin.

• Another foundation that caught our attention is Laura Mercier`s Flawless Fusion. This one is recommended for those that need a lasting foundation that covers even the most undesired spots of the face. Moreover is the best foundation for oily skin and does not pour away when you start sweating in the hot summer days.

• Another innovation is the Stellar Beauty Stardust Lip Powder Palette. It can be applied either on your lipstick or on your bare lips for a more interesting effect. This trio comes in different shades and colour that are perfect for any skin type. So, be bold and look amazing this summer with this innovative little set.

• Benefit`s Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer is perfect for those ladies that still fight blemishes. Your skin will look natural and the concealer will actually last for around 10 hours. Hence, if you want a flawless looking complexion this is the best product for you!

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