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International Jeans Size Conversion


One of the most loved clothing item worldwide is, of course, the pair of jeans. Boot-cut, high waist, regular, boyfriend or skinny jeans, we want to own as many as possible. Jeans are loved by people of all ages and sizes, especially in the US. Anyway, you might know the fact that US in not the only country that manufactures jeans and it became quite regular to be shopping for jeans and to realize that they come in a size you do not recognize.

Jeans for both men and women come in different sizes depending on the country that sells those items. Thus, it is best to use an international jeans size conversion chart in order to get the right pair for you. For this you will have to know your own measurements in order to guide yourself to such charts. Also, keep in mind that most international sizes come in centimetres, so if you have your measurements in inches, you might want to convert them in inches.

Types of sizes available

Always remember that each brand or manufacturer uses a different system. So, it is best to compare your measurements to the right size chart in order to avoid unnecessary returns.
There are three main sizes available depending on the type of pants you are buying:

• Classic clothing sizes are mainly used in Europe and are referred to as size 40, 50 etc. Usually, this type of measurement is used for smart suits or classical pants that come in a regular fit.
• International pants sizes are various and include English, French and Italian charts. Besides these, the international US size system from XS to XXXL is used for almost any type of clothing items.
• Jeans sizes are based on inches and not centimetres. Thus, this is what confuses customers more often. Nowadays, the size for a pair of jeans includes two separate measurements regarding the waistband and length.

Besides the size, you should keep in mind that there are different cuts and fits available for women`s trousers. Skinny Fit, Boot Cut Leg, Loose fit or jogging fit have their particularities that might alter the actual size of the pants.

In addition to this, the trousers for men, including jeans, are usually correlated to the wearer’s figure. Thus, you might observe the fact that there are available different size charts for different figures. In order to establish which one is the best, you will have to measure your waist and leg length.

For American trouser sizes it is easy to convert into a European measure. You will have to add the value of then, which means that a size 40 US turns into a 50 EU. The same thing can be applied to British pants. Italian sizes are similar with these used in the European system, the small difference being the fact that pants might turn out to be a little narrower than usual. One of the most difficult clothing sizes is the French. Their measurements do not resemble the popular size charts and it can be tricky to establish what it is your size.

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