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Which Airlines Carry Pets


If you are a pet lover, you must read and take into account the following tips regarding which airlines carry pets. If you are planning to fly with your pet or simply to fly him over by himself, it is imperative to opt for an airline that serves the entire route from the beginning to the end. There are many questions that pop-up when it comes to this sensitive topic such as: Are you allowed to bring your pet in the cabin? What types of restrictions do you have when flying with a pet? Will you pet fly in the cargo hall? And so on. Hence, we established a top five list with the most pet friendly airlines that will safely transport your animal and make the travel easier for both of you.

If you want your pet to travel with style, JetBlue is the perfect airline for you. At JetBlue pets are permitted to fly in the cabin with you if they weigh less than 20 pounds and their carrier is smaller than 17 inches long by 12.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches high. JetBlue charged for each pet a fee of 100$ for each way and, of course, they are so pet friendly that offer you a free travel with pets guide specially designed for your destination. Moreover, if you are flying constantly with your pet, you will benefit from special offers, all of which are mentioned on JetBlue`s website.

Another pet friendly airline company Delta is one of the most popular amongst pet owners. They feature the already famous Delta Pet First Service which comes with a bundle of services and opportunities. Small dogs, cats or birds are allowed to travel in cabins with their owners if they come with a pre-approved carrier. The fee for traveling with pets is 125$ each way.

British Airways Flights allow you to carry your dog in the cabin only if he is an assistance dog. It is a free of charge service, but it is limited to a certain number of dogs that are allowed per flight. All other pets will need to travel in the cargo area in specially designed carriers. It is said that British Airways handles in the best way possible amongst airlines the pets transported in the cargo area.

United Airlines allows you to bring on board almost any type of small animal. This is the main reason why United Airlines was nominated as the most pet friendly airline. The only downside of flying with this company is the fact that depending on the time of year, certain breeds are not allowed to fly. The information is posted on their websites in order for the owners to be informed.

AirFrance transports only small dogs and cats that weight no more than 17 pounds along with their carrier. This company allows in the cabin only guard dogs that have a document that certifies their qualities. Also, for guard dogs or special needs dogs there is no limit regarding their weight.

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