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Tricks For a Successful Photo Shoot with Your Smartphone


Tricks For a Successful Photo Shoot with Your Smartphone

Whether you are an Instagram influencer, a fashion blogger or simply passionate about clothing design and photography – having photos shoot with your outfits is an inspired idea in any case. Even if you don’t have the necessary photo equipment, there are still tricks that can help make great shots on mobile phones!

Always clean the camera’s protective lens

This is a basic rule for taking successful photos with your smartphone. Make-up products and other substances can be deposited on the protective lens of the camera in the phone’s equipment, and impurities will ruin the clarity of your image. Therefore, make sure that the protective lens of the camera is always clean. You can use a fine cloth made of suede, just like the one used to wipe the glasses.

Avoid applying the digital zoom function

In most smartphone models, photos taken using the digital zoom function are out of proportion. If you want to take a picture of a subject in full detail, capture it at maximum resolution and cut it out later.

Use natural light correctly

When photographing someone, position yourself so that the sun is behind you, illuminating the subject. Obviously, if the shooting model is you, the rule applies the other way around. When the natural light source is behind the issue, it will be dark, and the result will not live up to expectations.

Store pictures on a memory card is helpful if you want to take many photos that you can store securely

To choose a memory card that’s right for your phone (or any other device you’ll use), make sure it has the desired storage capacity and is compatible with your device. Take into account the speed of this accessory, especially if you want to use it to make video productions using professional cameras, action or even a drone.

Experience different angles

You can make your pictures more attractive by experimenting with different shooting angles. So, in addition to the typical images at eye level, you can also make low-angle and high-angle frames. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can play with prospects; you can even create pictures similar to those taken with a drone, using a selfie stick with a remote control or, if it is missing, activating the mobile phone’s self-timer.

Try the “Portrait” mode

One of the most significant developments in smartphone photography is that you can now blur the background of images just like with a DSLR! Although not all phones can create a “bokeh” effect (a fancy term used to describe background blur), you can invest in a dual-camera model. Basically, they take two photos simultaneously and combine them into a single image. Then, the device develops a so-called “depth map” that separates the foreground background and applies blur.