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10 Must Haves For Your Personal Carry On Bag


A person who is travelling must keep a few things handy on your carry-on bag. You should choose a suitable bag that can carry all the important things.

Top 10 must have items in personal carry-on bags are:

Mobile Charger

Mobile phones are a must have in today’s fast paced world. However many mobile phones tend to run out of battery if used for a prolonged time. So it is always wise to carry a charger in your personal handbag so as to charge the phone whenever the battery dies out.


Journey on a flight or train can turn out to be pretty boring if it is a long one. One can download loads of movies according to their preferences or can save some music so as to entertain oneself during the journey. Also if you have pressing company work or a presentation to design while travelling, carrying a laptop is a must.

Ear buds

One should keep ear buds handy with him while travelling so as to enjoy a movie or some soothing music without bothering others.

Identity proof

Personal ID is the most important thing that one must carry with him while travelling. It can be a passport, voter ID or driver’s license. During security checks at the airport personal ID is required. Moreover, ID can help a traveller anywhere even if one lands in any sort of trouble.

Debit card/ Credit card

A must have in the wallet of a traveller. These plastic cards can be used to purchase anything such as food, mineral water, medicines. Even during shopping these plastic cards are of great help. This reduces the risk of carrying cash everywhere and is quite handy.


A person who is travelling must keep a few things handy on his carry on bag.


Books are the best thing to pass the time while travelling. If one is not a gadget buff and loves to gain knowledge and enjoy themselves then books is the best companion for them. However if one has a taste for new techs then carrying a Kindle eBook reader is the best option to satiate the knowledge buds.


Although eating something heavy during travelling is not advised, but sometimes one should carry some basic food items like cakes and chocolates to escape the pangs of hunger especially if the journey is time taking.

First aid kit

Emergency doesn’t come knocking at the door. So it is always handy to keep a first aid kit in a traveller’s personal bag. This should contain some band aids, cold and cough medicines, some ointments to help during cramps or swelling.

Slippers/flip flops

They bring a huge relief to the feet. It is not desirable to wear boots and shoes all the time. Travelling to any place must be comfortable so that one can enjoy each and every moment.


In order to keep the fresh feeling while travelling, a traveller must keep wipes with them in their personal bags. These can be used as handkerchiefs as well.