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Fall 2018 Biggest Trends


Even though autumn is not here yet, we admit that we joyously expect it. The reason is simple: the fall 2018 trends are more than amazing and we can`t wait to wear them with style. Fashion designers played with different patterns and materials transforming the clothing items presented on the runway into masterpieces. Checks, plaids, feathers and bold colours were the main attraction of the fall 2018 fashion exhibits. We all remember the spring 2018 colour trends – pink everywhere! Well, this pink evolved and for fall was transformed into intense red. We can confidently affirm that the fall winter 2018 fashion trends are all about diversity and options for everyone. Here are the major tends of fall 2018 that you must consider for this season. We guarantee you will look lovely!

First things first! The trend of confident, working women inspired this season, too. With an after war flair, a vintage design and classical features, fashion designers recommend plaids and checks. This type of print is preferred especially for coats and any other kind of outerwear. Calvin Klein or Marc Jacobs have one of the most amazing pieces presented for this season. Moreover, Louis Vuitton came up with dresses inspired by this trend and combine plaids with checks. Opt for colours such as blue, red yellow or even the austere grey.

Fancy evening appearances are a must do for this season. Major fashion designers recommend feathers and fringe. Usually suitable for evening soirees or cocktails, these couture-like dresses are considered one of the best appearances for fall 2018. Balenciaga used for the closing exists a white dress decorated with black feathers which had alongside a matching oversized feather bag.

It is time you go shopping in your grandma`s closet. Homespun treasures are a great way to stay fashionable until autumn ends. At Alexander McQueen we clearly observed that he used some cuts and trims that had a vintage air and looked like they were inspired by crafty artisans.

As we mentioned above, red is the core element for autumn clothing items. Versace, Prada or Fendi revealed that fall 2018 will not be successful without a long red dress or an oversized red bag. Moreover, some fashion designers suggested bolder options such as a red jumpsuit with flounces.

The rumours say that the fall-winter 2018`s style is the one inspired by the American spirit. Coming straight from New York`s famous fashion designers, these clothes were designed following college wear outfits and the motifs from the US flag. T-shirts with powerful messages are a must have, while the college look is perfect for those that prefer a more casual look.

The power suit of fall 2018 is the clothing item any business women must have. It is versatile and can be used for both work and business cocktails, providing a clean and professional appearance. As the representatives at Max Mara said, these suits offer to the wearer a sense of power.

Lastly but not the least important, designers recommend velvet fabrics. Dresses in blue, red or golden velvet are some pieces that you definitely must have in your wardrobe.

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