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Tips On A Fresh Summer Makeup


Summer is the most awaited season due to its long days, hot temperatures and sunny days. Summer loose clothes and bright colours deserve a spotless makeup. Hence, the goal is to avoid smudges caused by sweat, which happen almost every time when you go out in the sun. Drops of sweat can ruin your summer makeup, causing you to feel not so fresh. Here are some tips and tricks on how to have a fresh summer makeup, no matter how harsh the weather gets.


First of all, opt for a light, neutral makeup. Usually, in summer it is best to avoid foundations that are thick and prone to create unaesthetic lines. Specialists recommend using a BB cream along with a light primer, which will keep your makeup in place and at the same time, will offer a natural look.

Do not use excessively your concealer. When buying a concealer, you must take into consideration your skin type and tone. As an example, for trouble spots it is recommended to be used a light tone concealer applied with a brush.

If we say summer, we immediately say water-proof makeup! Eyeliner, eye shadow or mascara go best if water-proof. They prevent sweat from causing smudges and resist longer. It is recommended to use colour only on the upper eyelid for a cleanlier appearance.

For shiny, greasy skin types it is good to use a light foaming gel along with a water-based lotion. It will reduce the amount of sebum produced and your skin will appear fresh.

Specialists recommend using a BB cream along with a light primer, which will keep your makeup in place and at the same time, will offer a natural look.

Those three marvellous months of official summer come with a burst of harmful UV. Therefore, applying protective cream all over your body is must. Some of us forget to protect our face`s skin, which is the main cause of undesired skin conditions that appear mostly on this area of our bodies. Shield your skin by using face moisturisers that have at least 15 SPF. This protection will allow your skin to breathe and will keep your face hydrated during summer days.

On the same subject, many people forget to protect their lips too. The harsh sun can damage our lips and can even cause unwanted burns. For summer, use a lip balm with vitamin E and protection against UV lights in order to keep your lips properly hydrated.

If you are looking for a healthy appearance, it is good to use a light bronze shimmer. By applying it on your face, neck and shoulders your makeup will look natural and fresh. Use this healthy glow to look amazing anytime!

Your hair needs attention, too! It is not enough to take care of your face and makeup. The hair completes your look; hence your makeup will be incomplete if your hair is uncared for. Choose your hair care products depending on your hair type. Moreover, in summer is recommended that you allow your hair to breathe and to dry itself. Because of the high temperatures, your hair is under a lot of stress, which means, using drying tools will harm it even more.