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5 Essential Black Pieces That Are A Must Have


Every woman has an entire collection of clothes in her wardrobe. Different colours, different styles, for summer, for winter, beachwear, everything has its own purpose. But the most important part of any wardrobe is represented by the classical black clothes. They are worn at job interviews, at the office, sometimes at cocktails because they provide certain flair to the wearer. So, the question that remains is related to what really means to wear black clothes.



Researchers have found that most people classify those that wear black outfits as confident, intelligent and full of sex-appeal. We all experience the tendency to affirm about a person, especially if she is a woman, that a black outfit provides a professional look along with style. So, society classifies those who wear black pieces of clothing as trendy, fashionable and best to admire.

If it were to analyse any women`s closet, we will certainly find essential black clothing items that everyone must have. Those clothes will never go out of style because they are classical, easy to match and wear at almost any occasion. Rest assured that we do not consider these pieces some sort of life savers, but rather as some items that have the power to transform your appearance into something ravishing. Here is a list with the top 5 essential black pieces that are a must have in any respectable wardrobe.

Researchers have found that most people classify those that wear black outfits as confident, intelligent and full of sex-appeal.

The famous little black dress

One of the most essential pieces of clothing is, of course, the black dress. Even though Coco Chanel wasn’t the one who invented the concept, she definitely was the person who brought the deserved fame to this black piece of clothing. Chanel`s first black dress was simple and featured narrow sleeves. We all know the famous white pearls worn with that dress that appeared for the first time in Vogue and made Chanel`s design famous.

The trendy black pumps

Did you know that originally pumps were worn by men? Of course, those early representations of shoes did not feature the high heel, but only the seamless front upper that is cut as close as possible to the toes. Nowadays, pumps are considered one of the most feminine shoes that underline the fact that a woman has taste and style.

The must-wear black pencil skirt

Nothing is more appealing than a woman wearing a black pencil skirt. Christian Dior was the one who brought fame to this type of skirt. He presented in one of his shows from 1954 a both classic and modern pencil skirt that quickly became popular among women who worked in offices.



Sassy black pants

Until the 20th century women were not allowed to wear pants, this being considered a crime against society. So, we can consider ourselves lucky because nowadays it became a must have to own and wear a pair of pants, especially black ones. Easy to match and wear they can be used at work, at a dinner party or for a leisure walk.

The sophisticated black bag

A clutch, a handbag, a shopper, all black, can save you in any situation. They match any outfit or colours, without making the outfit looking bulky.