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The Wardrobe Basics How To Wear A Leather Jacket


“Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess”. Leather jacket always adds to the charisma of a person and hence have always been in fashion. But one must know how to wear a leather jacket in order to look smart and distinguish himself from the crowd.


In order to look trendy and voguish one must need to wear a jacket in the following ways:

Leather Jacket For bikers

One can wear a leather jacket thrown over a white or black shirt or any stripped shirt with jeans. Bikers need to block the wind so they should choose a leather jacket with asymmetrical zip. Leather jackets from Givenchy and Massimo Alba are the ideal ones for them

Collegiate classic

In order to exhibit a classic look, one needs to buy leather jacket with a touch of wool lining. Leather jackets from Thom Brown and Saint Laurent are the perfect ones. One needs to pair them up with a dark coloured denim jeans or wayfarer.

Flight club member look

For those who love to play with colours, rock leather jacket or a purple one paired up with denim gives a sharp and cool look. For those who love to experiment with colours and shades, leather jacket from Thomas Maier is the perfect one and will add to the versatility of the collection of jacket in one’s wardrobe.

Leather always adds to the charisma of a person and hence have always been in fashion.

Breaking the stereotype

Layering a leather jacket with shirt peeking from beneath and blue denim breaks the stereotype. One can also put on scarf at the neck to exhibit a look of dignity and sophistication.

Contemporary look

Leather varsity jacket paired with black denim and a fittings T-shirt and sneakers gives a bomber look. If anyone is going for a fashion party this look is the best one to go with.

Style icon – Leather Jacket

One needs to contrast the colour of shirt with the jacket. Combining a blue leather jacket with light coloured T-shirt paired with black or blue denim presents a sharper version of a person in the eyes of others.

Leather jacket have always been considered to be the premier item in the world of fashion. Whether spicing up your winter look or going for the retro 90’s look, leather jackets always does the tricks for you. So one must invest ample amount of time in order to buy the perfect leather jacket so as to look natural and yet flaunt a sporty style.