6 Bags Every Woman Should Own


Handbags have long been considered to be the one of the best embodiments of women fashion statements. Be it any time of the year or any place around the globe, women always love to sport a trendy, high quality and stylish handbag. Some of the top rated spring bags are:

Long Loop Handle Bags

These bags are notable because of their long sleek handle. These are of average size and come in various colors like red, brown, cream, olive etc. and are suited for carrying important items while going outside. These bags can be easily dangled from the shoulders and are very easy to carry.

Work Bag

These bags are preferred by women who have to go to work daily and have to carry laptops, documents and other essentials one might need in office. These bags are very hefty and strong and can withstand the test of time and traffic. They have a rugged look which goes hand in hand with the dress code of office goers.

Womens BagsSmall Leather Bag

These bag are popular among those who want to have a hassle free travel and yet need to carry a bag to keep in some of the small but important items like phone, personal ID and money. These bags can easily fit into your palm and can even be carried in your jeans pocket.

Shoulder Bag

As the name suggests these bags are made and perfected to suit your shoulders. The handles are fitted with soft cushion type paddings so that you don’t experience any discomfort. These bags come in many vibrant colors like red, cream, bordereaux and look extremely classy and stylish.

Travel Bag

These bags are the best option to go with if you are planning to go on a short trip over the weekend. You can carry all your travel items in this bag with ease. Two types are handles are provided so that you can either carry it or dangle it from your shoulders. The brown leather finish lends a rich texture to this bag and makes it look extremely sexy.

Cross Body Bag

These bags look very trendy and stylish. One can dangle them from their shoulders or can wear them cross their body. Ideal for carrying small items these bags are extremely lightweight and easy to carry. These can come in a myriad of colors and have a glazy exterior.


Be it any time of the year or any place around the globe, women always love to sport a trendy, high quality and stylish handbag.

These bags are the latest trend and a must have for every women this summer. Moreover they can also enjoy hefty discounts on them if they prefer to shop online.



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