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Best Places To Stay In Marbella For Nightlife


Marbella is that kind of city known all around the world for its interesting nightlife. Watering hotels, exclusive parties or legendary night clubs are all part of this stunning city. This is the reason why each year tourists return here for the fun. You can dance at La Sala or Playwright, where music is played live. The best lounge bars are the Living Room and El Jardin, while the best bars in town are Lemmon, Sintillate or Tibu. So, with all these amazing places to visit, remains one question: where is the best place to stay in Marbella in order to be close to the fun? The answer lays in the following list with accommodation places found nearby clubs and lounges. Also, keep in mind that depending on the hotel, there are organized parties inside it. Maybe you will get lucky and the party will happen to be at your doorsteps.


Marbella is that kind of city known all around the world for its interesting nightlife. Watering hotels, exclusive parties or legendary night clubs are all part of this stunning city.


One of the most popular hotels in Marbella is called the H10 Andalucia Plaza. Here can check in only adults, so families are not allowed. It is close to Puerto Banus, which means you will reach easily several bars and lounges. Also, the hotel comes equipped with a swimming pool, sauna and a Turkish bath. Those that check in here must know that next door is the Marbella Casino for which the guests at H10 receive free entry. Furthermore, there are offered discounts at La Quinta Golf Course. In other words, what else would you need? Get ready to sit by the pool and enjoy the amazing services provided by the bar.

The Marbella Heights Boutique Hotel represents an exquisite location that offers both style and comfort. The interior design revolves around the Asian Style, which makes it perfect for those that want to try something different. Here you can opt for a private yoga lesson or several spa facilities, depending on your preferences. Also, the villa can be booked entirely for you and your friends, if you want to set up a big party or event. It is a great place to stay because you are close by the beach and the main nightlife attractions. Keep in mind that this villa also comes with a restaurant and lounge bar that hosts parties at night for the guests.

Hotel Claude Marbella is located 20 minutes away from the beach. The staff here is available 24 hours, so you can benefit from various services like sightseeing tours or wine tasting events. Also, the hotel provides (on the beach) a gym and spa set up for relaxation. From this hotel you can easily access La Cantera, one of the most known bars in the area.

The Puente Romano Beach Resort and Spa from Marbella has everything you need. It is well known worldwide due to its impeccable services and its location near Costa del Sol. It was named by the roman ancient artifact that lies within its perimeter. This is why the hotel has an Andalusian village resemblance and it features several tropical gardens. The hotel offers a workout room, a lounge, spa, tennis court and even a golf course. From Puente Romano you can reach Astral Cocktail Bar, Seven Puerto Banus and Bijoux Banus. But the parties at the hotel`s lounge are worth a shot too. It is up to you where you search for fun!

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Marriott`s Marbella Beach Resort has all you need. Pool, fitness center, restaurant, bar and lounge, tennis court and even a hot tub, these are all at your service. As you would expect from an impressive hotel as Marriot, this resort is fancy, stylish and well equipped. You will encounter amazing staff that speaks several languages and you will be close by the beach. Also, there are a bunch of bars and restaurants around to keep you busy like the Harmons Bar. If you are looking for a unique experience, this is the place for you! Relax by day and party all night!

Rio Real Golf Hotel is not as impressive as Marriott`s Resort, but it is worth a shot. It also comes with a bar and lounge to entertain their customers, along with a bunch of other services like room service, pool and restaurant. It is a perfect place for those that are looking for a chill nightlife. Restaurants in the area organize show nights with singers that perform everything from jazz to blues. One of the most popular is Trocadero Arena, which serves amazing food and has excellent services.

Another elegant example of accommodation is the Sunny Dom Boutique Hotel. It is proudly located on the beach and provides an amazing view. The suits are personalized featuring different characteristics like the Mediterranean or Africa. Nearby are located the famous Playwright Marbella, Sloanes Bistro, Arte Café and The Village Inn.

Hotel Guadalmina Spa and Golf Resort has all you need. It is placed straight on the beach and features two golf courses. It is close by Marbella, Estepona and Puerto Banus and you can reach them in no more than 10 minutes. This resort is known for its all-inclusive offer. You will benefit from restaurants with international dishes, cocktail bar, beach club, outdoor swimming pool and a pool bar. If those are not enough you can visit some bars and lounges nearby like the Boulevard 171, Passion Café or Flanker Bar.

Another interesting hotel is Barceló Marbella Golf Hotel. This hotel comes with a golf course known in the entire Europe for its dimensions and quality. There is a bunch of other facilities from which you can benefit depending on your preferences like pools, workout room, tennis court or bar and lounge. You can reach from here the Flanker bar, the bar and restaurant Buen Provecho, the Hogan Stand or the Café Cinepizza.

Hotel Fuerte Miramar is also located on the beach and it represents a milestone for the old town of Marbella. Spa, outdoor pool, fancy rooms and beautiful landscape are all what makes this hotel exquisite. Furthermore, it comes with an adults only Lounge, where parties are hosted around the pool. This hotel comes with the most popular club in the area called Amare Club. The Amare Lounge features a bar and café. The Bellevue Rooftop Bar is perfect for those that want to party in a beautiful sea landscape. In other words, Hotel Fuerte Miramar has everything you need: comfort, several services and amazing nightlife.

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