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Tips On The Best Nail Care Routine


We all admire those women that have amazing manicures and hands and we all wonder how they manage to achieve that at home, without the help of a professional. Going to a salon is usually expensive or requires extra free time that we do not have to spare. Hence, we start looking for some tips on how to get the best nail care routine at home.

Nails are made of the hard protein called keratin. It is a crucial protein and it has an important role in the entire body, being responsible for building it strong. The role of our nails is that of protecting the fingers and toes against trauma, but we can definitely admit the fact that during the past years we have seen nails as a cosmetic item, rather than a protective layer for our hands.

Manicuring is the art of taking care of both your hands and nails. Below are listed a couple of suggestions on how to keep your nails healthy, but keep in mind that it is best to use the services of a professional once a month in order to get the best looking nails.

Manicuring is the art of taking care of both your hands and nails.


First of all, establish a weekly routine for nail care and allow around 20 minutes for taking care of your nails. In addition to this routine, keep in mind that a healthy diet is a must have. Healthy, strong nails require a proper amount of vitamins and nutrients. So, if you consider your diet lacks certain vitamins, you might consider getting some supplements.

Before actually starting your manicure, remove old polish. Use a piece of cotton and soak it in nail polish remover. Specialists say that it is best to press the cotton onto the nail for a couple of seconds and after that to gently push it towards the top of the nail. In this way, the old polish will soften and it will remove easier.

Use a file to shape the nail and start from the corner of the nail towards the centre. Doing otherwise can lead to ridges and even nail splitting. Experts say that shaping the nail in an incorrect manner can lead to unhealthy nails due to the fact that it weakens its structure.

Always soak your nails in warm water to properly remove dirt. Pour some soap in it and allow your nails to soften. Use an orangewood stick to get rid of dirt from under your nails.

Do not cut your cuticles and do not push them back to the root of your nails! Cuticles help prevent infections and act as a protective layer for the nail`s root. Removing it can cause your nails to lose their nutrients and vitamins, while exposing them to several bacteria’s.


nail care routine


Before applying nail polish, it is good to apply a thin layer of clear nail polish. This protects your nails from getting an odd colour after removing the coloured nail polish. Also, it strengthens the nail and prevents colour chipping.

After following all these steps, apply a moisturizing cream or oil on your hands and cuticles. This will maintain the healthy look of your hands and feed the proper vitamins and nutrients to it.

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