How To Build a Skincare Routine


We all tend to allow a large budget only for skincare products. A multitude of products promise to give you flawless skin, youth regeneration or miraculous solutions to your skin problems. But not all of them are beneficial or achieve the promised effect. If you are not sure what to choose and how to use it, here is a guide on how you can build your own skin care regimen.

detoxifying your skin

Skin represents the biggest organ in our body

  1. This is the main reason why we should cherish our skin. For the best skincare routine you will have to keep in mind that your skin is worth investing in. Choosing the best products will allow you to properly care for it.

A multitude of products promise to give you flawless skin, youth regeneration or miraculous solutions to your skin problems.

2. Discover your skin type

  • The bundle of cosmetic products available on the market is not always a good combination with every skin type. Hence, in order to see some beneficial effects, you will have to know your skin type. There are five skin types as it follows.
  • Dry skin is related to tight, rough and obvious scales in certain areas
  • Oily skin means your skin feel slightly wet to touch and it has a shiny appearance
  • Sensitive types are the hardest to deal with due to the fact that it burns easily and usually has allergic reactions to various cosmetic products.
  • Combination skin type has a bit of everything and you may experience some oily areas, along with dry patches of skin.
  • Normal skin is smooth and firm to the touch.


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3. Setting up a healthy skin routine

Let`s start with the morning. The first thing you should do after waking u is to clean your face with a cleanser recommended for your skin type. After that apply a toner to make your skin firmer and finish by using a moisturizing cream. For summer, it is best to opt for a face cream that has protection against UV light because it will prevent your skin from dehydrating.

In the evening, you may follow the same routine, but you will have to choose a night cream specially designed for your skin type. This will help your skin regenerate during night and you will wake up with a fresh complexion. Also, a couple of times a week it is recommended to use an exfoliant in the evening in order to clean all the bacteria and dead skin that can appear on your face.

Properly cleaning your face is necessary if you want to avoid unwanted problems. Use gentle soaps for normal and combination skins. For oily skins, it is best to opt for cleansers that are oil-free in combination with a toner. Moreover, for sensitive and dry skin you will have to search for a cleanser that has no fragrance or alcohol, because it will diminish the chances of getting an allergic reaction.

4. Use a face mask once a week

Face masks are perfect for detoxifying your skin. They have the power of boosting circulation and replenishing important nutrients that your skin needs in order to be healthy. Keep in mind that using it once a week is more than enough. Overusing it can cause damage to the cellular level of your skin.



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