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The Secrets To Making A Face Mask – Pandemic Chic


The Secrets To Making A Face Mask – Pandemic Chic

By now, everyone is familiar with the concept of face coverings, as well as with their regular use in order to avoid the spread of illness. However, not everyone genuinely knows how to make a beautifully crafted face mask, and that’s a real shame – especially when looking at all the wonderful stylistic choices one can make in regards to a custom face mask!

Making A Face Mask – Required Bits And Bobs

In order to make the street-perfect facemask, you will need some an old t-shirt you won’t miss much after it’s been cut up, a handy pair of scissors and, ideally, a coffee filter (although the filter is entirely optional for this one)! Do note that if a t-shirt is really damaged – as in, it has plenty of holes in it – then do consider using another less-damaged t-shirt for your mask! Holes in a face mask don’t tend to do much for the mask’s efficiency, after all.

In order to start making your wonderful homemade face mask, start by cutting off the bottom of your t-shirt of choice – and do remember that the length of how much you cut should be about equal to the length from a bit above the very tip of your nose to underneath your chin, which means it’ll be about 18-21cm. If you’re feeling unsure, you can always get some measuring tape in order to be as accurate as possible!

You will then have to cut into your already cut out piece of t-shirt in order to create two separate straps for the facemask – think of literally just cutting a big, rectangular hole in the piece of fabric, starting from the shorter edges. The straps themselves should be about 15-16cm, so measure the length of the hole you’re cutting to about that – it should look like a very long C-shape.

Once done, cut the strings of your newly-formed ties in order to be able to retie them around your ahead and adjust the length as appropriate – make sure you get a nice snug fit around your nose and chin; a loose mask isn’t all that good, is it? In the end, you could always add a coffee filter to the inside of the mask by securing it with a safety pin if you feel like you need some extra protection!

Why Make The Mask – To Make Or Not To Make

The reason people make their own masks, naturally, tends to differ from person to person – some want it because they just don’t like to look of the traditional surgical mask found in pharmacies, while others would like to make a profit from the business of mask selling, which is surprisingly profitable!

Whatever reason people may have for making their own textile masks at home, it’s all still respectable since it encourages the use of both masks to protect others AS WELL AS promoting an unparalleled freedom of creativity in a different, less used medium of creation!