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Types Of Trousers Every Women Should Wear


Types Of Trousers Every Women Should Wear

Pants, everywhere pants! Each fashion show reveals different trousers and ways to match them to various clothing items. The primary advantage of wearing trousers is the fact that they suit almost all body types. Also, trousers are indeed some versatile clothing items and turn out to be helpful in achieving different looks and styles. Classic trousers can be used for different outfits, which means they really are an investment. Throughout the history of fashion we can observe how various pants were used to achieve both feminine and masculine look. Hence, this is the main reason why women have in their wardrobe a bundle of trousers in different cuts and colours. Here is a list with the top must-have trousers every woman should own.

Cropped trousers

This type of pants are considered a timeless piece of clothing that must be in any women`s wardrobe. This happens because they are perfect for any season and can definitely highlight the beauty of any blouse. Usually, it is best to wear cropped trousers with high heels for a glamorous effect. For summer you can match them with the famous gladiator sandals, while in winter they go best with ankle boots.


The primary advantage of wearing trousers is the fact that they suit almost all body types.

Chinos for the summer

If it were to ask anyone what are the perfect trousers for summer, the answer will definitely be chinos. They are lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear. Even though they have a bit of an elegant look, usually they complete any casual style. It is best to wear along these pants a patterned t-shirt for a chic finish.

Dungarees are not only for pregnant women

Well, yes, for several years dungarees were considered the perfect wear for pregnant ladies. Nowadays, dungarees are a must have for any respectable fashionista. They go perfectly with a vintage look, but you can match them with any type of clothing. Casual, elegant, masculine, old school, dungarees should not be ignored!

Tailored Trousers for office wear

If you opt on a daily basis for a formal or office wear, tailored trousers are a must have for your wardrobe. They have only a major disadvantage: they are a bit tricky to maintain because they require constant ironing. Usually, these types of pants come in light and dark colours meant for specific occasions. Colours like grey, brown or navy are perfect for office wear, while beige or orange are recommended for a more casual wear.

Leather trousers for bold outfits

Forget the myth that states the fact that leather trousers are only for bikers and rockers. For several years now, leather trousers are considered a fashion staple. Usually, it is best to wear them for evening events such a night out with friends. Leather pants can be matched with almost everything including furry or silk items. The same thing happens with shoes: leather pants go well with army boots, stilettos and even platforms. They are versatile, create an interesting outfit and match almost everything available in your wardrobe. All it takes is a little bit of courage to express yourself.