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What Size Am I? | Women’s Clothing Size Guide UK US EU

 What Size Am I? | Women’s Clothing Size Guide UK US EU

We admit it! It can be rather difficult to choose the perfect size for you when you face a bundle of sizes on the label that you don`t even know what they signify. Thus, we want to make things easier and to explain what different women`s clothing sizes mean and how to measure yourself accordingly. Finding the perfect size is easy, if you pay attention to a couple of things.

First things first! The definition of clothing size goes as it follows: this phrase refers to the label sizes used for clothes sold off-the-shelf (the popular pret-a-porter line). As it turns out, there are a multitude of standard systems worldwide for different garments such as dresses, skirts or tops.

So, the main clothing sizes for women are those from the United Kingdom, Us and Europe. In addition to these, many shops feature a row with Italian, French and German measurements in order to make the selection of the right size easier.

Women`s wear sizing

When selecting you size, it is best to take a closer look on the size guide and to measure yourself by completing the following steps. Use a tape measure and place it horizontally around your body.

1. Bust – if you are usually wearing a bra, it is best to take your measurements while wearing one. Place the tape around the fullest part of your bust and make sure the tape is firmly placed on your body. This will assure you that you measured correctly. Write down the circumference of your bust and keep in mind an error of 1-2 units. Measurements can be slightly different!

2. Waist – Moving on, after measuring your bust, you should measure your waist. Position the tape around the narrowest part of your waistline for an accurate measurement.

3. Hips – Usually, your waist can be measured by placing the tape over your bottom or at the top of your thighs. We recommend you measure around the fullest part of that particular area, so your clothes will match perfectly the lines of your body.

4. Overarm – For this step you might need the help of a friend. Bent your arm and place the measuring tape on your shoulder bone. Measure the length from your shoulder to your wrist.

5. Height – The last step is to measure our height. If you do not know it, do as it follows. Lean against a wall in bare feet and mark the point perpendicular to the top of your head. Measure the distance from that point to the floor.
With these measurements in mind, you will be able to compare your size against different size charts. This will assure you that yu will make the right choice no matter the size system you are shipping in.


Source: SizeGuide.Net

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