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Types Of Boots Every Woman Should Have

Types Of Boots Every Woman Should Have

Admit it! You have a massive collection of high heels, sandals and even sneakers! But when it comes too boots, you wear only one pair until it’s too torn up to be used anymore. It was actually demonstrated that women tend to buy shoes for almost every special occasion they attend, but they do not do the same with the old pair of boots. Here are a couple of types of boots every woman should have due to their versatility and easiness to wear.

The famous riding boots

You recall the must have little black dress, no? Well, riding boots are he LBD of your shoes collection. Riding boots can be both dressy and casual depending on the outfit you match them to. Designers recommend using a pair of black or brown boots, simple, without extra accessories due to the fact that those are more stylish and easier to mix and match. Hence, your skinny jeans will look intriguing with these boots, while your favourite dress will get a sassy flair.

Everyday Chelsea Boots

Admit it! You heard about them and you wondered who Chelsea is. In reality, it is a place in London where this type of boots became popular for the first time. Chelsea boots are comfortable, match almost any type of outfit and depending on the material used; they can turn out to be your ally against rainy days.

Types Of Boots Every Women Should HaveVintage Cowboy Boots

We bet you love western movies and imagine yourself in the middle of that plot twist. Well, we recommend you to get inspired by those old movies and buy a pair of cowboy boots. They get overlooked often this being the main reason why cowboy boots are a statement pair of shoes. No one expects you to wear such shoes, so if you are looking to look bold, confident and stylish, this is the best choice. They go hand in hand with skinny jeans or leggings and will transform any dull dress into an amazing one.

Edgy Biker Boots

Leather, straps and buckles represent the authentic biker boots. Everyone believes that this type of boots can only be used with leather jackets and ripped jeans. But the reality is slightly different: moto boots represent the perfect match for cotton dresses or miniskirts. Add an element of edge with a pair of bold biker boots and you won`t go unnoticed!

Stylish Rain Boots

We have seen these past years that a new type of boots was preferred more and more often by fashion designers. Inspired by working boot, the popular rain boots come in different patterns and colours, which make them exquisite. They are practical and keep you dry in rainy days. Also, that match any type of outfit, which means you will not have to worry regarding hat to wear with them. Jeans, pants, skirts, dresses, all are a perfect match for this type of boots. The trick is to buy them in different colours and patterns in order to add an extra touch of style to your wardrobe.

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