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Barcelona One Of The Most Loved Cities In The World


When it comes to visit something exquisite in Europe, Spain represents one of the top choices of any travel list. Moreover, Barcelona is a must visit destination for any respectable tourist. There is no need to mention reasons or excuses to go to this amazing place, but for those that are a bit sceptical, here is a list with the top reasons why you should visit Barcelona in 2017. The Catalan capital is recommended as a top priority this year due to its top class music acts or marvellous exhibitions, along with wonderful places for sightseeing.

Have you heard about the world famous music festival Sonar and Primavera Sound? It is considered a top class music festival renown internationally and it hosts thousands of participants each year. You can listen during this festival to a multitude of music genres such as hip-hop or experimental house music.

Everyone loves Barcelona because of its grand buildings and architecture. For those that admire modernist architecture, this is the place to go. Since last year, the famous Casa de les Punxes was opened for public display. It represents one of the famous designs of the Catalan architect Josep Puig I Cadafalch.

Our visit in Barcelona is incomplete if you do not visit the popular Camp Nou stadium. The largest stadium in Europe has visits from both tourists and supporters throughout the year regardless of whether or not there is a match playing there. But for the best experience, you should by some tickets to a FC Barcelona game. We guarantee that you will have a unique experience provided by both players and supporters.

When it comes to visit something exquisite in Europe, Spain represents one of the top choices of any travel list.

Everyone recommends visiting the centre city, even though there are other places worth visiting. So, besides the renowned Gothic Quarter or the Born, you should check the Urban District project in Poblenou. Walking around the city surroundings will allow you to discover other kinds of beauty Barcelona has.

Europe`s jewel, the Sagrada Familia stands out due to the fact that it is not complete. This means that each time you will visit, it will look a bit different than before. Gaudi`s masterpiece has gone through various changes during the passing years, and specialists estimate that in 10 years it will be finished.

For a movie passionate, especially horror and fantasy films, Barcelona has something unique to offer: The Sitges Film Festival. Even though it is located close by the capital, this festival has its place on the visiting list of Barcelona.


These suggestions are made so you can convince yourself of the value of this beautiful Spanish city. In reality, there is no need to mention reasons why you should visit Barcelona. This city constantly reinvents itself, which means you will never get bored here. Visiting it during different times of the year, will reveal interesting surrounding and things to do. This city`s charm derives from the fact that it has the power to recreate itself and to give a different light to its monuments. Hence, for an authentic Spanish experience you should place on your 2017 travel list Barcelona.