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Essential Skirt Styles You Should Have In Your Wardrobe


Throughout the history of fashion we can observe a multitude of variations regarding the most feminine clothing item we have: the skirt. We all know that until a couple of decades ago women were supposed to wear only skirts or dresses. So, we should not misinterpret the importance of this item or replace it with the masculine trousers. Here are a couple of essential skirt styles every women should have in her wardrobe.

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One of the oldest skirt designs is the A-line skirt. This type of skirt is small at the waist and gradually widens towards the ground. Its name derives from the fact that it is designed like the letter A and it resembles a bell. The A-line skirt can be knee length, calf length or ankle length and it is usually used for casual or semi-dressy dress codes. It is not a formal piece of clothing and it is best to wear it for casual events.

Have you heard about the bubble skirt? If not, here is a brief description: the bubble skirt is a short skirt, with a length above the knee and it has a wrinkled design. This type of skirt has a playful flair and can be used for dressy dress codes.

For a more dressy or formal look, you should definitely try the fishtail skirt. It is a skirt fitted at the waist and narrow at the knees. They are called mermaid skirts due to their interesting shape. Use this type of skirt for dressy or formal dress codes and match it with a satin blouse. You will look fabulous for sure.

The most popular type of skirt is, of course, the pencil skirt. We see it everywhere, we hear about it and we definitely consider it one of the best feminine clothing items. These skirts are fit, knee length an feature a straight cut that follow closely the line of your hips and legs. They can turn out to be difficult to wear, but look great for a formal dress code or even a dressy one.



If you love pencil skirts, but you do not like its tightness, we have a semi-casual alternative: the tube skirt. It has almost the same design as the pencil skirt, the only difference being the stretchy material from which it is made. It is easier to wear, but it is not recommended for formal events.

For a semi-dressy outfit, you should try the pleated skirt. This one features vertical pleats and appears to open up like a flower when you move in it. It is made out of materials that require intense ironing, being a bit tricky to maintain.

A classical item is the straight skirt. It fits well the waist and the hips, but it is rather wide towards the knees. It is a versatile skirt and can go well with dress codes such as casual, dressy or formal, the difference being made by the material used. Match it with buttoned blouses, fine shirts or satin items for an interesting appearance!